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Here you will find several relevant documents and informations regarding the Banco BIC Rally de Portugal Histórico 2016.

Entries at a reduced price close within a month

The 11th edition of the Banco BIC Rally de Portugal Histórico will only start four months from now, but the entries are already open and those wishing to participate on the Automóvel Club de Portugal’s event have only a month to place their entries at a reduced price.

After July 15th those willing to take part on the competition may still present their entries until September 9th, but without the 650 euros reduction on the entry fee.

The Banco BIC Rally de Portugal Histórico will be have two different categories competing: Clássicos, for cars built between January 1st 1946 and December 31st 1965, and Históricos, for cars from January 1st 1966 to December 31st 1985.

As for the route, this year’s event will be similar to previous years. The start and finish will take place at the Casino Estoril Gardens, with Tomar, Aguieira, Espinho, Lamego, Viseu, Arganil, Leiria and Sintra also on the Road Book.


Regulamento / Règlement / Reglamento / Regulations

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8 de Mai de 2016


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